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How to Build Your Mobile Database

Build A Powerful Contact List and Increase Sales With Mobile Marketing

How can I promote my mobile campaign to my customers?

  1. Use promotional specials that ask customers in-store or online to sign up to your mobile services to receive the discounts you are offering.
  2. Offer a VIP Service through text messaging alerts with exclusive new and specials.
  3. Ensure your website has a mobile sign-up box.
  4. Use your packaging: paper products, billboards, bill inserts and posters to let your customers know that you have gone mobile. Ask them to text in for inclusion to a discount, a prize or to support a particular campaign.
  5. Create "text-to-win" contests where customers can text to win things. People love the opportunity to win free stuff.

With the opt-in permission given by your customer, you can begin to collect names and cell phone numbers to start building your database of potential customers. use this database for any future sales, discounts, latest news and other info that you wish to relay to your customers.

How do customers opt-in to my mobile campaign?

All your customer has to do is text the opt-in KEYWORD which you choose to a SHORTCODE; they will automatically be opted in to your mobile campaign. For example: text SUSIE [keyword] to 55678 [shortcode]. After sending this message they will receive an automatic reply that you create. This reply will also give each customer the ability to opt-out by texting STOP to 55678.

Always consider offering your customer incentives such as discounts, free item give-ways, or any other offers that will help increase retention and allow new customers to opt-in to your mobile campaign. Adding an expiration data on any message is always a good idea, especially when offering discounts or promoting an upcoming sale. This helps to create a sense of urgency so clients will buy now rather then later. Also, make sure you include your business name so your customer knows who is send them the message.

Sample Message

Susie's Cafe
Southern Cuisine

We are happy to announce the Grand Opening of our 2nd location in Oakland!

Text Susie to 55678 for location and a coupon for a free appetizer.

Expires 3/30/12


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