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Personalize Your Marketing With Your Contact Database

Connecting directly to your customer creates an opportunity to establish a relationship with them. It is a way for you to get to know their name, what types of products they like, where they buy products, their age, gender, and a whole host of other information. OakMobi's Mobile Marketing Contact Database helps you to gather information that is relevant to your products, their use and the people that are using them.

For example, let's say you are a Handcrafted Soapmaker and you have developed a database consisting of your customer's: first name, last name, favorite product and scent, products they use, where they purchase the products, their birthday and gender. Your database might look something like this:

Point of
Birthday Gender
Sally Smith Soap Lavender Soap, Lotion, Scrub Online 10/21/64 Female
Danny Dover Lotion Orange Spice Soap, Lotion Farmers Market 9/18/75 Male
Mary L'lamb Scrub Coconut Lotion, Scrub In person 7/29/91 Female
Mike Ell Scrub Lavender Scrub, Soap Farmers Market 5/9/85 Male

You can now create target lists for birthdays, favorite scents and products, products used, gender and/or any combination of these items. For example:

SELECT WHERE "Favorite Product" IS "Scrub" OR "Products Used" CONTAINS "Scrub"

This query results in a target list consisting of Sally, Mary and Mike. Each of these people have indicated that their favorite product is scrub or that they use scrub. The sample message to the right targets the people on the list for an online only sale of scrub. In this case, <firstname> would be personalized with the customer's first name, i.e., Sally, Mary or Mike.

The message:

  • Is Personalized —  it is being sent directly and specifically to Sally, Mary and Mike
  • Responds to Customer Desire —  it informs the recipients about a product they use or like
  • Calls For Action —  it tells the customer they can get a 10% discount online with the provided code
  • Creates Urgency —  it gives an expiration date the the product sale

Sample Message

is having an
online only sale of scrub!
Enter Code: 4scrub
to get 10% off.

Exp. 5/30/12

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